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Garden Design


We design your garden...

You can have your plan or come with no ideas, we can walk you through all the important steps to create the best garden for you.

Your beautiful garden starts with us and ends in your home. 

We do believe in finding the best solution for your needs and to create a cost effective, stunning, low maintenance garden for you and your family. 

We can create everything from cottage garden to formal gardens, patios, flower beds, containers or flower pots....anything you need to make a different touch in your home.

Pretty Garden

There are a few little steps from the day you approach us to enjoy your new garden:

1. Have a face to face meeting, preferably at the site/garden to discuss ideas, take measurements, chat about design ideas.

2. We draw a plan for you and change details  until you fall in love with it.

3. We make a quotation and sign a contract. 

4. We start to deliver. 

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