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The 10 best trees for windy areas

One of the hardest question to answer is what plant is recommended for very windy spots and sometime in bed quality soil too. If you are struggling with the same problem...well...actually I can offer very nice and colorful options...furthermore evergreen ones too.

In most cases the answer can be found in between the native trees section of your area. It is coded in their genes if you like that way 😉 to survive in tough conditions.

Here are a few trees I recommend to try to grow on your windy site.

1. Ilex aquifolium – holly

I cannot name a hardier evergreen tree. It is just a survivor. It is a slow growing one but if you have the female and the male you can have very long-lasting berries during the winter. It can really brighten up every garden for the no sunny period of the year. There are so many options so you can buy already shaped ones (topiary) or espalier…or just as a simple shrub.

2. Corylus avellana - the common hazel

It's very very hardy tree/shrub and furthermore produces lovely edible fruits. You can collect them in the autumn or just let the squirrel stock its food for the winter. It is a medium tall tree, 3-8 m. It really depends on the position, soil and if you let it grow single stem or shrub.

3. Magnolia grandiflora - southern magnolia

It is evergreen, scented, very resistant, medium to large tree, big white flowers in the late summer. I don't see the reason why not to plant one in your windy garden if you have enough place :) (maybe the price can put you down - as it isn't the cheapest evergreen)

4. Cotoneaster frigidus Cornubia – cotoneaster

It is a small tree but it can be grown as a shrub. It is very responsive on trimming. It is semi-evergreen but it is actually deciduous if it is very exposed. Bunch of lovely white flowers and red berries are following them in the late season. If you want to encourage wildlife coming to your garden that's the right variety to plant.

5. Crataegus monogyna - hawthorn. Deciduous small growing tree, max 6 m. From April - May it is fully covered with white flowers. It is often used as a hedge. It is called the Fairy Tree also and it is not a lucky choice to cut it 😉. But technically it is very easy to grow tree in any soil/exposed condition. One thing to mention is that it can be invasive.

6. Arbutus unedo - strawberry tree.

Another evergreen option for your small windy garden. It will do well even in poor quality soil, coastal areas but prefer full sun and partially sheltered. If you can afford buy a mature tree so it will definitely do well in your area. The fruits are unusual and furthermore edible. It's nice to have something uncommon. It grows as wild in the West of Ireland.

7. Liriodendron tulipifera - tulip tree.

This is a very large tree. It starts to flower when it is very well matured, so it can take 20 years. But it is a very nice shape tree and look fantastic in a decent size garden.

8. Thuja occidentalis - eastern white cedar.

Evergreen tree, very nice shape and can be grown as a hedge. Larger trees prefer more shelter.

9.Sorbus aria Majestica - Whitebeam.

Deciduous medium growing tree. The very large leaves make this variety to stand out. Very pleasant flowers and attractive berries. It is no maintenance, very hardy option. Recommended for exposed sites.

10. Quercus ilex - evergreen oak.

Growing to 20 m in height. It tolerates very bad growing conditions. It can be used for hedging, windbreaks and topiary or just grown on its own.

It is also a source of pollen for bees. Having a dense and evergreen canopy offers year-round shelter for birds

Just a tip: if you like a tree or a shrub, and not sure if that would suit your garden just read about it or leave a comment and try my best to help you. Most of the evergreen plants are pretty hardy. If there is a little bit of wax on the leaves they can grow in wind and even coastal areas.



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