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Unconventional...but very convenient raised beds

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

A new type of raised beds becomes more and more popular especially for small garden owners. There are different substrate layers are used to make sure the perfect bed is created for your lovely crops. I'll provide all details to create the best environment for your healthy home-grown vegetables which can supply quality food your whole family. You can customize the size as you wish/as it will fit in your garden.

1. breeze block - the foundation or you can use paving stones

2. to build up the frame use good quality wood - you will have the bed for 6 - 10 years

3. line it with plastic/mypex to increase the lifetime

4. fill it with compost/topsoil - first layer approx 1 ft (30 cm)

5. the next one will be 6 - 7 in (15-20 cm) broken branches/hay - keeps it warm for the colder months

6. than top up with high quality compost

7. leave some space for fine compost with manure on the top

And enjoy your fruits/vegetables from your newly created bed.

It is very convenient to have a higher raised bed, easy to work with and you control the quality of

the soil also. Just mulch it when you finished planting. You can keep the humidity better and no weeds will pop up.

Don't worry about the nutrients as these layers will shrink in in time so you will top it up with good quality soil year by year.

Please check out the pictures how we build on



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